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July 20 - September 9, 2024

Join Corie Mattie for the opening

July 20th from 1-4pm

at Artemizia Foundation’s Gallery 818

Time Flies is a solo art exhibit that pays homage to personal growth and the fleeting nature of life. It serves as a reminder to step back and relish in the moment while exploring the juxtaposition between the 1950s and the present day. The exhibit reflects on how far society has come and how much further it needs to go.

"Time Flies" is a thought-provoking exhibit that blends nostalgia with contemporary rebellion. Through retired dove stencils, fabricated vintage Kodachromes, mixed media pieces, and interactive installations, the artist invites viewers to consider the enduring nature of human connection and the beauty found in forgotten places. The exhibit celebrates personal growth, societal progress, and the importance of cherishing each moment.

About Corie Mattie

Born in South Jersey, Corie Mattie aka “LA Hope Dealer”, has forged her artistic path through a journey of remarkable self-discovery and creative exploration.

Mattie is a multi-hyphenated creative: a visual artist, activist, environmental advocate, and street artist whose work transcends traditional boundaries, both in medium and subject matter, to explore the intersection of art, social issues, and human connection. Art has always been a conduit for change, and for Mattie, the path was forged with bold colors and daring wordplay, “a powerful tool that pierces through the chaos and ignites conversations on pressing social issues.”

Mattie is best known for her vibrant, unapologetic murals that blend pop culture, activism, and poignant social commentary. Characterized by their striking colors and bold outlines, Mattie’s art draws viewers in with cultural icons, urging them to confront taboo topics and engage in meaningful discussions. Her use of bold imagery and provocative text is intentional, a visual metaphor for her mission to challenge societal norms and advocate for change. “Through my art, I aim to spark conversations that demand attention and action, pushing the boundaries of what is deemed acceptable to discuss.”

Over the past decade, Mattie has been the subject of significant media attention and institutional recognition, including features in major publications such as The New York Times, The Guardian, and The LA Times. In 2021, Los Angeles honored her with the District 26 Woman of the Year Award for the positive impact her art had on society during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In 2024, she was the featured artist at the GLAAD Awards, further solidifying her influence and dedication to advocacy within the LGBTQIA+ community. Currently, she has started an initiative to collect letters of support for queer youth across the nation, fostering a sense of community and encouragement. Mattie has achieved critical admiration for her multidisciplinary approach to making art and her unique ability to collaborate with notable organizations and brands, including the National Wildlife Federation, Hyundai, and Mercedes-Benz, among others.

Mattie’s work continues to captivate audiences in multiple venues. This year marks her second solo show at the Artemizia Foundation, with another one person show set for October in Orlando at the College Park Gallery. Her public murals and installations have drawn crowds and sparked conversations, cementing her status as a leading voice in contemporary street art.

Members: FREE

Non-members: $10 (includes museum admission)


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