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Museum - Gallery 818 - Mural Labyrinth - Sculpture Garden - Art Bookshop

Founded in 2019 by artist, entrepreneur and collector Sloane Bouchever, Artemizia Foundation (AF) is a contemporary, graffiti and street art museum, gallery, and educational facility presenting world-class exhibitions, sophisticated events and inspiring lectures. 

Named in honor of seventeenth-century trailblazer Artemisia Gentileschi, who filled her often-autobiographical artworks with images of empowered, rather than victimized women. With her paintbrush, as in her life, Artemisia fought gender inequality and helped to reimagine womanhood and what it meant to be a female artist. 

By exhibiting a dynamic collection of influential contemporary, graffiti and street artists from around the world, AF seeks to provoke, inspire and educate.

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