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Museum - Galley 818 - Mural Labyrinth - Sculpture Garden

Founded by entrepreneur, artist and philanthropist Sloane Bouchever, Artemizia Foundation’s museum exhibits a collection of modern masters including Willem de Kooning and Pablo Picasso, juxtaposed with contemporary masters such as Andy Warhol, Ai Weiwei, Kara Walker, and Yayoi Kusama, alongside street art masters Banksy, Swoon, MissMe and Vhils, to provide 20th to 21st century perspective. The Foundation’s collection includes paintings, prints, and sculptures, as well as digital NFTs. 


Perhaps most exciting is the diversity of the artists featured. The Foundation’s collection of over 700 artworks by 100 artists from 40 countries features an equal ratio of female to male artists, with non-white artists making up nearly half.  


Experience works by Banksy, Swoon, Cey Adams, Warhol, Lady Pink, de Kooning, Barbara Kruger, Kerry James Marshall, Vhils, Kara Walker, Picasso, Kusama, , PichiAvo, Saber, MuckRock, Judy Chicago, CES, D*Face, Ai Weiwei, Harland Miller, Keith Haring, MissMe, The Connor Brothers, Wangechi Mutu, Martin Schoeller, Shepard Fairey, Rayvenn D’Clark, Mando Marie and many more... 

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