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This Arizona Town Was Just Named The Top Place To Visit In 2024

Bisbee was named the top place to visit in Arizona for 2024 — and it's one of the top travel destinations nationwide.

By Quinter Auma

Downtown Bisbee, Arizona


  • Bisbee, Arizona is a top destination not to miss in 2024, known for its beautiful architecture, cultural scene, and historic charm.

  • The town's mining past is evident in its museums, historic saloons, and old mines, offering an authentic Wild West experience for tourists.

  • Bisbee's vibrant arts scene, including numerous art galleries and street art, make it a bucket-list destination for art enthusiasts in 2024.

Arizona is home to some of the most beautiful destinations in the US, and while not many tourists visit Bisbee, it is among the top places not to miss on the 2024 bucket list, according to Travellemming. Bisbee ranks among the top 50 destinations in the US, and it's the only one so named in Arizona.

Bisbee is situated about 11 miles from the US/Mexico border and is sectioned into numerous districts and suburbs, with Old Bisbee being among the most visited areas. Since it is only about one hour and thirty minutes from Tucson, it makes a perfect day trip that will never disappoint.

Celebrated for its breathtaking architecture, cultural splendor, and historic charm, Bisbee is one of the most beautiful towns in Arizona. Often described as an old mining town with a European flair, it is part of the Mule Mountains and guarantees unforgettable memories.

Discover why this Arizona town was just named the top place to visit in Arizona in 2024.

Bisbee, Arizona Has A Mining Past

A welcome sign to the Historic District of Bisbee, Arizona

The former mining town has come a long way, and its roots can be traced back to 1877 when, copper, gold, and silver were discovered in the area. In 1880, it was established, and by the early 1900s, it was the largest city in the Arizona territory, with more than 25,000 residents.

In 1929, the Cochise County Seat was moved to Bisbee from Tombstone. When the ore reserves were depleted, several things shut down, and with time the cheap real estate prices attracted new residents, who worked together to bring the city back to life.

Arts and tourism became the new normal, and today, Bisbee is a thriving arts community with a strong cultural scene that has attracted tourists from far and wide and will continue to do so in 2024.

  • Year discovered: 1877

  • Year established: 1880

  • Current population: 4,905

What Makes Bisbee A Bucket List Destination In 2024?

Bisbee's vibrant arts scene, the museum, and the historic mines offer an authentic Wild West experience

Bisbee, Arizona, surrounded by lush forests.

Bisbee has become one of the most incredible spots for tourism in the Grand Canyon State and was named the top place to visit in 2024 for many reasons.

Bisbee Mining & Historical Museum takes visitors back in time, detailing the role this charming town’s mining history played in America’s industrialization. According to Travellemming, the museum as well as the historic saloons and old mines offer an authentic Wild West experience that tourists will enjoy exploring this year.

There are numerous small art towns in the U.S., and Bisbee’s art scene is among the reasons it’s a bucket-list destination in 2024. Visitors will enjoy art in various forms, including murals, art installations, sculptures, paintings, and more. There are numerous art galleries to stroll through, including:

  • 55 Main Gallery: Dating back to the early 1990s, this gallery offers contemporary art, including pottery, paintings, jewelry, fiber, and more.

  • Art Home: This is the most unique art gallery in Bisbee; bringing things like home accessories, furniture, and various forms of art.

  • Artemizia Foundation: Nestled in the Old Town of Bisbee, this foundation gives vacationers a chance to experience contemporary graffiti and street art from some of the most talented artists from around the world.

No trip to Bisbee can be complete without exploring the “Iron Man,” right in front of the Cochise County Courthouse. The statue was covered in copper and is a tribute to the hardworking copper miners who made significant contributions to the growth and development of Bisbee.

Tourists can also travel back in time at the Copper Queen Mine, which was once among the richest copper mines in United States mining history. The mine dates back to 1877 and became one of the largest producers of minerals in the country. Unfortunately, the ore reserves were depleted by 1974, and the underground operations ended the following year.

Today, vacationers can take a Copper Queen Mine Tour and travel back to the town's copper mining days. These tours are guided by some of the very miners who participated in extracting minerals from the rich ores, and they tell their own stories and experiences from the past.

The Great Stair Climb is a must-do in Bisbee

A flight of stairs with beautiful murals in Bisbee, Arizona

Since much of this charming town is constructed into the mountainside, travelers climb a lot of stairways to get to many of the houses. Don’t miss the Bisbee 1,000 – The Great Stair Climb, an annual event that happens every October, where people climb a route of 4.5 miles of steps, take in spectacular views, and admire the wall art along the streets.

  • Number of stairways: 82

  • Number of staircases: 9

  • Number of steps: 1,000+

The Great Stair Climb is considered among the strangest and most unusual events on the globe. Apart from Bisbee, there are other strange and unique towns in Arizona that tourists can discover on their next trips to the Grand Canyon State.

Shop vintage fashion, antique décor, and locally-made products

Panorama of Bisbee with surrounding Mule Mountains in Arizona

Bisbee is brimming with unique things that vacationers can explore, and perusing the local shops is a must-do. Here are the best spots to check out:

  • Bisbee Soap & Sundry: Here, travelers will find plenty of interesting products, including lotions, beard oils, and hand-crafted soaps.

  • Mile-High MunCheese: This is one of the best independent cheese shops, serving cheese and other products, including wine, beer, and more.

  • Bisbee Olive Oil: Here, tourists will experience more than 60 unique olive oils and vinegars.

Explore Bisbee’s Paranormal Side

Bisbee is one of the most haunted towns in Arizona

The exterior view of Copper Queen Hotel, Bisbee, Arizona

Arizona is brimming with abandoned mining towns, but what makes Bisbee unique is the fact it is still a thriving community. During its mining heydays, several workers lost their lives, leaving their families in grief, and their spirits are believed to roam pathways, streets, hotels, and ancient buildings in the most haunted town in Arizona.

Vacationers can enter a mining cart for an educational and creepy experience of the town. The Copper Queen Hotel is a luxurious hotel that’s considered to be among the spookiest spots in Bisbee, and the hotel’s front desk encourages visitors to record their paranormal encounters.

Another haunted hotel is Bisbee Grand Hotel where guests have had strange, ghostly experiences in all the rooms.

Don’t miss The Bisbee Séance Room for the most fun and haunted experience of the darkest side of Bisbee, Arizona.

The Best Time To Visit Bisbee

Bisbee is the most inviting in spring and fall

Several cars in downtown Bisbee, Arizona

The best time to enjoy Bisbee at its most spectacular is between March and May and from September to November. This is when the temperature is mild, allowing travelers to enjoy some of the most fun things to do in Bisbee. During this time, the crowds are also thinner.

There are countless must-visit historic towns in Arizona, and Bisbee is also worth exploring, thanks to its storied past that’s significant to not only the Grand Canyon State but the entire nation.

The unique ambiance and historical significance make this Arizona town the top place to visit in 2024, and unforgettable experiences await.


Quinter Auma is a travel writer based in Kenya. She has written travel articles on destinations across Africa and beyond. Her writing is inspired by her passion to travel to new destinations and inspire others to get out of their comfort zones and explore the beauty of this world - whether they travel around the world or in their own countries.



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