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Sofia Cianciulli

Born 1993 – Italy

Sofia Cianciulli is a multi-disciplinary body artist from Florence. She grew up surrounded by Renaissance art history’s sexual connotations, and was later influenced by the individualism and diversity of New York feminism.

Cianciulli recently concluded an MA in Fine Art at Central Saint Martins, and after that was shortlisted for The Ingram Prize, launched a video collection on Sedition, and collaborated with some talented curators including Samantha Picard, James Kadine, Zoe Allen and Jenn Ellis.

Cianciulli’s work combines Painting, Performance, Digital Media and Augmented Reality to consider the female body in the post-feminist media age. The work reflects upon the entangled and co-dependent nature of millennials and the internet, responding with absolute transparency to modern narrative conventions that are an inextricable part of her reality.

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