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Rosie Emerson

Born 1981 – United Kingdom

Rosie Emerson is an award winning contemporary artist, working almost exclusively on representing the female form. Emerson’s figures draw reference from archetypes old and new from Artemis to the modern day super model.

Inspired by her love of museums, architecture, theatre, silhouettes and shrines, Emerson uses dramatic lighting, hand made costumes, set and prop making alongside printmaking and painting to create ethereal works on paper.

Emerson’s subjects range from well known icons to models, actors, dancers, friends, which she photographed in her studio she then uses numerous different print techniques. Her Screen-prints are delicately embellished with bronze powders and more unusual materials including charcoal powder, ash and saw dust. These textural prints shift the focus of printmaking from precision and replication to the creation of unique, hand-finished prints.

Emerson’s current Photopolymer etchings continue to push printmaking in new directions, her monochrome portraits are delicately embossed with unusual materials; salt, netting, hair and cellophane. Her works almost always echo previous eras and sometimes other worlds entirely.



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