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Montserrat Gudiol

Born 1933 – Spain

Montserrat Gudiol studied restoration of old paintings and focused specifically on paintings on wood and paper.

The starting point for Gudiol’s art is founded on the broad tradition of figurative art filtered through symbolism and a stylization that values detail at the core of her paintings.

Through the concentric blurring of the surroundings, Gudiol explores the plasticity of the expression of faces, and the spirituality that issues as much from the private and calm halo of the subjects as from the atmosphere that generates it.

The sensibility of Gudiol’s figures emanates from their handsome, Gothic and timeless faces, and her painted women become ethereal and symbolic. The models, who are almost always women and created with the contrasts inherent in human existence, strive to convey the sensitive and reflective soul that they are endowed with thanks to Gudiol’s skill.



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