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Mando Marie

Born 1981 – United States

Amanda (Mando) Marie is an American painter and stencilist formerly based in Colorado, and currently based in Portugal. She attended the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design (RMCAD) and has exhibited extensively in the US and Europe.

"Making Waves is all about what we receive, what we give off, what we all go through, all the time. The invisible waves we encounter just being alive, a metaphor for being here as an active player in a massively complex world. The waves can be a personal power, what we put out into the world, with our attitude, or actions, our creations, our victories, our flubs, our misunderstandings, our laughter, pain, pleasure, our empathy, our joy. It’s also about the waves we can receive from others their anger, or appreciation, or excitement, or envy, or desire, or hunger or love. It’s also the waves of the world, what Time does to us, what Gravity does to us, how rain affects us, how glorious the sun can feel on a spring afternoon, what harm we do to nature, or the joy we receive from sowing a healthy garden or orchard. The expression Making Waves is often associated with ‘causing problems’, but that’s not how I’m using it. For me it’s all about the rippling waves and the compounding waves, and the cancelling waves that we all encounter every day and everywhere."



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