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Maldha Mohamed

Born 1999 – Maldives Islands

Maldha Mohamed is a self-taught artist from the Maldives Islands. Her art is a visceral representation of how she views behavior and emotion, particularly in relation to her own dreams and what she observes around her. It consists of fragmented portraiture and emotion expressed by isolated human features.

Mohamed’s subjects are rendered in a contemporary manner, with hints of surrealism, through heavily textured surfaces. Their striking hues and a powerful play on shadows give her pieces incredible life and depth. The artist aims to convey her subjects as if they are in a battle against time, always fleeting. She wishes for the viewer to see beyond the shattered nature of her subjects and explore what is beyond the canvas, something at which the observer can only guess.

Maldha has been dabbling in fine arts since the age of 3 and has been professionally pursuing a career in art since the age of 15. Her work has been featured at many notable exhibitions such as Galerie Berlin Baku - Germany, as well as many solo exhibits - the most notable being her 2019 exhibit at Jen: Shangri-La hotel Maldives titled 'Hiyala - An insight into Maldivian Folklore'. She has also taken part in numerous group exhibits and her work is often shared on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and through interviews with various websites. Before committing full-time to creating art, Maldha worked at an elementary school teaching art to children. She thus hopes to be an inspiration for the next generation of artists entering the industry.



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