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Leonor Fini

Born 1907 – Argentina

Leonor Fini’s mid-century paintings feature dreamlike scenes in which dominant women and passive men undercut traditional notions of sex and gender.

Nude or heavily costumed, Fini’s characters embrace humor, eroticism, and mythological symbolism. The Argentine-born, Italian-raised artist was a friend and contemporary of key members of the Surrealist movement and featured in the MoMA's groundbreaking “Fantastic Art, Dada and Surrealism” exhibition in 1936. While her works embrace strangeness and the uncanny, Fini refused to label herself a Surrealist due to the group’s misogynist element.

Her work has been exhibited in New York, Rome, Paris, and London, and she participated in the Venice Biennale and São Paulo Biennial on multiple occasions. Today, her work sells for six figures on the secondary market and belongs to the permanent collections of the Met, Tate and Georges Pompidou. Along with her maximalist paintings, Fini is also known for her delicate drawings and etchings.



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