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Julius Agbaje

Born 1992 – Nigeria

Julius Agbaje’s works take on specific issues of personal, socio-political and religious inclination. In an attempt to create engaging conversations, he infuses elements of humor as well as symbolic references as metaphors to reel in his audience, while addressing issues which he finds interesting or important, making his works satirical and educative. He thinks of his art as a journal that documents his transition through life, his connections and interactions with other humans and human activities.

“I believe firmly that humans are conduits capable of holding and disseminating energy”.
In 2017, he joined the Arts in Medicine Fellowship Nigeria (an NGO that was created to positively transform the healthcare experience in Nigeria and across Africa through the integration of art in its diverse forms) as a volunteer. In 2018, he was honored by US Consul General, John Bray with an award as Outstanding Fellow at the US Consulate in Lagos for his contribution towards the development of arts in health in Nigeria. He was made Artistic Director for the Fellowship in 2019, where he led a team of over hundred volunteers in facilitating diverse hospital visits and bedside art activities, engaging both in and out-patients as well as mentoring medical practitioners in specific kinds of therapeutic art.



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