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Inna Rohr

Born 1984 – Estonia

Born and raised in Estonia, Inna Rohr is a Russian artist who now lives and creates in Arizona. Inna delves into a wide range of subjects from emotionally raw figurative work to landscapes, moody interiors, and whimsical erotic pieces. Inna also experiments with fiber art, ceramics and epoxy resin.

In her figurative work, Inna explores our common experiences of frailty, strength, fear, power, sexuality, vices, and humor. The awe-inspiring female strength to resist, overcome and rise as well as the aftermath of “#metoo” experiences often become the subjects of her paintings. Her landscapes, cityscapes and interior scenes in particular, are all about embracing the mundane, and at times even the unattractive; celebrating simplicity and the present moment. Inna’s work is honest, moody... and at times just simply fun and risqué.

With her work Inna encourages authenticity and offers another point of connection between all of us. Inna’s works are in private collections across the United States and Europe.



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