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Born 1972 – France

When he started tagging suburban walls, Gregos - as his mates have always called him - could not have imagined the artistic journey on which he was about to embark. Influenced by an emerging hip-hop culture 'made in USA', he was driven by an adrenalin-fueled desire to express himself.

This urban artist, who works by himself at night, is always on the lookout for the ideal spot, an uncluttered wall or an unusual location where he can create an offbeat and surprising work of art. Amongst those charmed by 'the face in the wall' were some journalists and gallery owners who offered to exhibit his work in 2008.

Experience generates ideas and in 2009, Gregos not only added colour to his face masks but also began to use different formats. His own face became the ideal medium for sharing his 'Moods'. For this self-taught artist, whose face masks are molded using a variety of different techniques learned over time, this artform is an opportunity to tell an extraordinary 'autobio-GRAPHICAL' tale.



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