Gala Mirissa

Gala Mirissa

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Gala Mirissa - born 1975 Spain

Gala Mirissa is a digital artist based in Barcelona and Reus, Spain.

Mirissa’s artwork combines photography and art with motion graphics; she is a pioneer in the emerging world of NFTs (“non-fungible tokens” - digital files whose unique identity and ownership are verified on a blockchain).

Mirissa’s artwork inquiries into the notion of movement as a universal language and challenges the viewers’ perceptual parameters initiating them into heightened experience capable of encouraging a cross-pollination. One of the most interesting aspects of Mirissa’s work is the way, through her experimental approach, she combines photography and art with motion and sound and thus creates something that looks alive, dynamic but also unique.

Mirissa’s works are her engine, giving her limitless movement, wings, strength and healing. In 2015 she began to develop the Redhawk effect using morphing software.

“I dedicate my art to all those women who have suffered some mental disorder or anxiety product of a society that annuls them as people. In particular, one of my favorite poets, who could not stand the pressure and ended up committing suicide, Alfonsina Storni, wrote a combative feminism in the line that is observed in the poem “You want me white”, which is motivated by relationships problematic with men, decisive in the life of the poet. Making reference to a society that demands more to women than to men.”

Gala Mirissa