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Daniele Fortuna

Born 1981 – Italy

After graduating from the European Institute of Design in Milan, Fortuna moved to Ireland where he continued to study art. After completing his studies, he went back to Italy, where he has been working on his sculptures in his studio in Piacenza, investing in them a lot of emotion, patience and love and thus revealing his most intimate feelings and preoccupations.

He has exhibited at a number of solo and group exhibitions in his country and abroad. His works can be found in many galleries as well as private and corporate art collections.

His artwork represents a kind of return to the classical ideal of beauty that he interprets in a very contemporary manner. Each of his sculptures is composed of a number of small, wooden, painted elements that are being put together like a jigsaw puzzle. The sculpture is finally done only when each part, which had been patiently and meticulously crafted, is fitted into its place.



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