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Claire Luxton

Born 1991 – United Kingdom

Claire Luxton is a multidisciplinary artist working with photography, painting, poetry and installation. After receiving a BFA from Goldsmiths, University of London, Claire created a challenging series of self-portraits, pushing her emotional and physical boundaries by becoming both the subject matter and the materiality.

The ominous undercurrents of her work oscillate between constructed femininity and alluring vulnerability, seducing the viewer with intrigue and uncertainty. Claire’s work draws on both the modern anxiety of society and the environment; each portrait, painting and accompanying poetry, becoming an exploration of isolation, desire and uncertainty.

Claire is drawn to the concept of truth and how people weave beautiful lies around their lives. She constantly seeks to tap into the parts of herself and others that nobody sees; to unhinge that part of our awareness that keeps it ‘all together’, that serenity we seek to display to the world, covering our dark fragility and desires.

In 2015, Claire Luxton’s exploration of human fragility, physicality and the female form culminated in her first solo exhibition, Avalon. This was followed by a second solo show, Botanica, in 2017. The artist’s work has been shown in London, Miami and Singapore, including at The London Art Fair and Art Basel.

Claire has collaborated with various brands, from Adobe to McQueens, and created bespoke artworks for clients such as The Birmingham Royal Ballet and JP Morgan. Luxton’s work has also been featured in both Glamour Italia and Germany, as well as on the cover of Blogosphere Magazine.

Her new work feels like a tide of change to the artist, a building conversation between a forgotten part of herself and the perpetual rhythm and anxiety within today’s society. She seeks to examine the anticipation of perfection and the heightened nervousness of self; in-built loneliness from constantly seeking, looking, wanting, needing.



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