Take your Bisbee art experience to the next level with a VIP "Night at the Museum"...

Artemizia Foundation offers customizable VIP Evenings including great art, gourmet hors d’oeuvres and more.

Join founder and director Sloane Bouchever for 60 to 90 minutes of contemporary culture…. as he personally guides you and your group through the museum’s extraordinary collection. Make this the perfect before dinner experience for your private group or organization. You will also enjoy exclusive access to the Annex Gallery directly across the street from the museum.

“Artemizia Foundation offers the most potent collection of graffiti and street art outside of the Museum of Graffiti in Miami. Where else can you see pieces by Vhils, Swoon, Banksy, Saber and Lady Pink side by side with Picasso, Ai Weiwei and Kusama? It’s mind blowing…”


Jules Muck (aka MuckRock)


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Contact Us to discuss and customize an unforgettable art experience for up to 12 guests. Prices start at $50 per person.


VIP Evenings must be reserved at least 14 days in advance. The cancellation policy does not allow refunds if tours are changed or cancelled within 5 days of your planned visit.