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Banksy is an artist like no other…

I first met Sloane Bouchever when doing appraisals of his Banksy collection. It is always a special connection when two persons share a strong passion for an artist and their oeuvre. It is also a rewarding experience to have the opportunity to work with a true and sincere art collector. 


One of the most talked about and sought-after artists today, nearly everyone in and out of the art world has heard about Banksy…. yet few know who he is.

Banksy has garnered great fame for his street works which combine spray paint and stenciling techniques with commercial, political and contemporary imagery, fused with ironic social commentary and humor. Banksy travels the world painting iconic murals but also creates numerous artworks on various medium that are sought after by collectors worldwide. 

The power of Banksy’s message sometimes obscures the skill-set required to create the visual and conceptual aesthetic such a variety of medium require. Banksy is one of the most talented artists of his generation, but unlike many, he rarely talks but constantly acts to make our world a better place. Whether he is buying and outfitting a ship to save refugees in the Mediterranean, or using his art to defend a cause he truly cares about, Banksy achieves.

Collecting Banksy is indeed a significant experience - the messaging is so strong, and the aesthetics so powerful - that no-one can stay indifferent. Sloane and I agree that Banksy’s works are amazing opportunities to share and teach. After all, this is also what art is about: to help us think, debate, and learn. Banksy’s art is perfect for educative projects and I wish Artemizia Foundation the very best of success in helping a new generation grow through the love of Art and the love of Banksy!



Sebastien Laboureau  ~  CEO Moonstar Fine Arts Advisors  ~  Miami, Florida 

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