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The Artemizia Foundation is excited to announce the acquisition of a new Bisbee property as our future home, opening to the public Thursday, March 30th 2023.


Built in 1917, 818 Tombstone Canyon is a former 4 room schoolhouse originally called the Garfield School. During WWII the property was used as military lodgings, morphed into the Garden Apartments in the 50’s and 60’s and eventually reincarnated as the Schoolhouse Inn bed and breakfast.


Artemizia Foundation is returning the building to its original 'schoolhouse' configuration of very large open spaces and creating a cultural destination in the heart of Old Bisbee!


  • ARTEMIZIA MUSEUM: we're building out a wide-open exhibition space measuring 75’ long by 23’ wide with 12’ ceilings which will feature the best of our permanent collection of paintings and sculptures.


  • GALLERY 818: a new exhibition space is being crafted called ‘Gallery 818’ that will replace our current ANNEX GALLERY on Main St - new shows by cutting edge artists will be opening every couple of months. Stay tuned for details….

  • MURAL LABYRINTH: we're keeping 12 of the small interconnecting rooms and passegeways to create a labyrinth of murals. Some of the finest street artists and muralists working today will be adorning the walls. Featuring artwork by Swoon, Cey Adams, WRDSMTH, MissMe, MuckRock, Whatisadam, Corie Mattie, Aly Miller, Bill Mead, Tracy Brown, Keith Francis, Isaac De La Cruz, Lily Reeves, Petra Brnardic


  • SCULPTURE GARDEN: we’ve commissioned sculptor David Sheldon to create two 10’ tall stainless-steel sentinels for our sculpture garden, and we’re designing a ‘henge’ installation of vintage parking meters called “Time Expired”.


  • PICNIC PATIO: although we won’t be offering food service, we encourage you to bring a picnic and enjoy your lunch or snacks under our majestic oak tree on our beautiful side patio.


  • PRIVATE PARKING: we’re fortunate enough to have 9 of our own parking spaces on the grounds…. if you’ve ever been to Bisbee, you’ll know how coveted parking is. There’s also plentiful public parking in the vicinity.

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