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ART CREATED ON THE STREETS IS COLLABORATIVE... in a multitude of ways, artists work together with the environment and the public. 


Fitting the piece to the surface and the surroundings presents a new painting tactic closer to marble carving than canvas painting. When we revert to the studio, the canvas becomes the wall. 


Interaction is always my primary purpose as a painter, both in and out of the studio. The conversation with the surface location and people in the vicinity are highly collaborative. There are conversations that start on the street that spark artwork, that feed artwork, and often the artist becomes inspired by the chatter, myself included. The piece then becomes part of the conversation, if it’s in public view; the work often sparks debate or collusion – basically a form of public speech -  and either way communication is being had. 


Street art belongs to the viewer, it often cannot be removed without destruction. It’s fragility and vulnerability to the environment is balanced by the power of its public presence. These paintings are communistic in their accessibility; they belong to the place despite who has them painted. Then we relay that to the notion of public artists doing paintings on canvas, which can be bought, sold and preserved. The canvas is now tied to the street, through matching artistry. 


Art is a piece of the environment from which it came. As an artist who began on the outside and frequents that more often, canvas work is an extension of my work on public walls. Fine art on canvas serves to connect the gallery with the environment. By bringing this work to new places and environments we are connecting people, all different kinds of people, and despite language and social barriers, we are now in a conversation.


Jules Muck  -  Venice, California -  2021


Jules Muck (aka MuckRock) is a world renowned graffiti writer, muralist and street artist. Muck has painted over forty murals in and around Bisbee, and is one of the artists most beloved by the Artemizia Foundation.

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