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Grants to applicants range from $1000 to $5000.

The goal of the Artemizia Foundation & Human Rights POV grant is to support the arts and artists with human rights related arts and cultural projects in the following categories:  


  • Visual Arts: painting, sculpture, ceramics, installation 

  • Film and Video 

  • Arts Education 


The award is open to artists/educators creating projects with an emphasis on human rights. Your grant application must include answers to the following questions: 

Project Abstract that includes: 

  • A description of the proposed or ongoing project including the theories and concepts central to the project and the potential significance, impact and desired outcome of the project relating to human rights (no more than 500 words

Project Cost/Budget: 

  • What is the total projected cost of the activity?  

  • What are the proposed uses of grant funds?  

  • Location of project or activity? 

  • Activity dates - when will your project take place?  

  • The particular materials used or to be used to complete the project? 

    • Optional: images to be attached to the application. 

Awardees will receive an initial payment of 50% of the award at the time of the award grant with the remaining 50% paid upon the project’s completion.  

Proposed projects should be completed within 12 months of the award grant. Award winners will be required to submit written quarterly updates on the progress of their project and a final report within 30 days of the completion of their project before final payment is released. 

Questions concerning application requirements can be emailed to us at 



  • Can I apply with a group/collective/etc., or is this open to individuals only?  We accept applications from individuals and groups. If you are applying on behalf of an artist collective or group, please provide the names and artistic disciplines for others in the group.  

  • Is this award to promote past projects or to fund future projects?  This award is to fund ongoing and future projects only.  

  • When will I be notified of my application status?  We will notify all applicants within 15 days of receiving their completed grant application. 

  • Can you email me an application? Why don’t you post them online? No. We have found making applications available electronically leads to large numbers of frivolous proposals. This leads to an administrative burden that makes us less able to respond to serious applications. Please complete the grant application included in this packet.

  • Can I submit a paper application? Yes. Please mail your completed grant application to:  Artemizia Foundation  PO Box 453  Bisbee, AZ  85603 

  • Is this an international call or is it open only to US residents? US Citizens and Permanent Residents only.

Questions/points to consider answering when writing your application: 

Clearly define your goals with your proposed project: 

  • Who is your audience?

  • How are you reaching them?

  • What measurable outcomes is your project going to produce?

  • Provide an outline of the entirety of your project, giving estimated dates as to when it will be carried out and how.

  • How does your project impact human rights? Be as detailed as possible. 


NOTE: Applications for assistance with 'business as usual' expenses involved with the applicant’s customary art practice (such as art supplies) are not high priority for funding.