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Isaac De La Cruz

Born 1996 – United States

Isaac De La Cruz, also known by his moniker GUISE, is a self-taught multi-disciplinary visual artist who specializes in large scale murals and canvas work. He is currently based in Bisbee Arizona.

De La Cruz’s work focuses on ideas directly relating to the state of the world today. With this inspiration he creates surreal portraits using experimental tones and hues and his expertise lays in his photorealistic interpretation of human nature.

De La Cruz has gathered inspiration and knowledge from around him his entire life. He began drawing at a young age and progressively branched out into the world of street art, eventually translating everything he learned into his mixed media painting style of today.

De La Cruz has worked closely with the Border Arts Corridor of Southern Arizona, the Arizona Commission on the Arts, the Artemizia Foundation Contemporary Art Museum, multiple school districts, and private businesses. He most recently became a member of the Artist Investment Program, an invitation-only, pilot cohort program created by the Arizona Commission on the Arts to invest in the artists of Arizona who impact the communities the public agency serves.



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