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Guy Stanley Philoche

Born 1977 – Haiti

Haitian-born contemporary artist Guy Stanley Philoche, a figure of international acclaim, has etched a distinctive path in the modern art world.

Migrating to Connecticut at five, Philoche's journey is deeply rooted in his Haitian heritage, and is a testament to his cultural pride and individuality.

In New York, a city renowned for its vibrant art scene and cultural richness, Philoche found a canvas that continuously fuels his creativity. His studio, amidst this urban landscape, is not just a space for creation but a hub of creative synergy, drawing from the city's endless energy. The city's iconic architecture, bustling streets, and diverse populace resonate in Philoche's work, as do the vibrant colors and textures reminiscent of his Haitian roots.

Over the past 15 years, Philoche's art has captivated audiences worldwide, with solo exhibitions in prestigious New York galleries becoming must-attend events for celebrities and art connoisseurs. His robust, sophisticated palette and unique layering technique produce tactile paintings that invite engagement, reflecting both the complexity of New York and the rich tapestry of his Haitian heritage.

Each of Philoche's canvases is an intersection of his cultural journey and his New York experiences. Celebrated for their sensory appeal and exclusivity, his works are symbols of both cultural sophistication and discerning taste. In New York, a city that embodies resilience and inspiration, Philoche has not only found a home but also a perpetual muse. His art is a tribute to the city's indomitable spirit, a celebration of its diversity, and a reflection of the intrinsic beauty found in the melding of cultures.

The series "Give Us Our Flowers" emerged from a deeply personal and vulnerable period in my life, marked by the loss of a dear friend.

My friend was surrounded by an abundance of flowers, yet the full extent of acknowledgment and appreciation seemed to only materialize after my friend's passing.

“Give Us Our Flowers" is dedicated to honoring and celebrating individuals in the present moment, while they are still alive.

Through works on paper and works on canvas, whether young or old, I seek to convey a message of recognition and respect for the contributions and philanthropic grace that each person embodies in their everyday lives.

By giving "FLOWERS" – metaphorically representing gratitude, appreciation, and recognition – in the moment, we affirm the significance of each individual's existence and their meaningful contributions to the world.



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