Encounter Cutting Edge Art by Cutting Edge Artists


OPEN TO ALL: 11:00am to 4:00pm Thursday - Friday - Saturday 


Artemizia Annex is a contemporary commercial gallery space located directly across the street from the Foundation's Museum.


The Annex hosts exhibitions, video (NFT) installations and cultural events featuring local, national and international artists.

Upcoming Exhibitions:

Jules Muck (MuckRock)   Opening:  April 23rd to mid June

Martin Schoeller Opening:  June 28th

Swoon, Cey Adams, JR

The Art of Jules Muck (MuckRock)

Opening Night:  Saturday 5pm to 7pm April 23rd


The ‘Destroyed Collection’….. originals & prints

Artemizia Foundation JULES MUCK Show lineup web-05.jpg