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OPEN TO ALL: 11:00am to 4:00pm  Thursday ~ Friday ~ Saturday 


Artemizia Annex is a contemporary commercial exhibition space located directly across the street from the Artemizia Foundation.


The Annex hosts exhibitions, video (NFT) installations and cultural events featuring local, national and international artists.


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July 15 through September 6:  The Art of Sara Pope


Known for her bold, glossy paintings of voluptuous lips, the exhibition will showcase a range of pieces that explore several themes. Additionally, as part of the exhibition, Sara will be presenting her first ever digital artwork,‘SUPERNOVA’, which was created with the London innovation agency Tiger Heart.

Sara uses the mouth as a vehicle to explore the notions of communication, expression, beauty, and the rise of image perfectionism through her artworks. The mouth is central to communication, whether through speech or expressive movement, and sensual communication, through kissing and touch. Consequently, the mouth is also inextricably linked to beauty and attraction.